U2 JAPAN RENSSELAER, located at 600 N GREENBUSH RD, Rensselaer, NY

U2 JAPAN RENSSELAER, located at 600 N GREENBUSH RD, Rensselaer, NY logo

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Title: A Hidden Gem in Rensselaer - U2 Japan Rensselaer Review

I found a hidden gem in Rensselaer! Have you heard of U2 Japan Rensselaer? If not, you must try this place out! Located at 600 N Greenbush Rd, Rensselaer, NY, this Japanese restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes that will satisfy your cravings for Japanese cuisine.

This place is a game changer! From their appetizers to their special rolls, everything is delicious and Authentic! And you know what's even better? They offer an online ordering system through their website, which means you can avoid third-party delivery fees and order directly from the source. Talk about savings!

Now, let me walk you through some of the must-try dishes. Their sushi is a must-try! Fresh and flavorful, their sushi rolls are a work of art. You can choose from classic rolls like California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, or tempura-battered scallops. If you're feeling adventurous, try their more unique rolls like the Vampire Roll (shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, and crab meat) or the Godzilla Roll (spicy tuna, crab meat, and avocado). And don't forget to pair it with their homemade ginger dressing - it's a game changer!

But sushi isn't all they offer! Their ramen is a must-try for any noodle lover. Rich, flavorful, and savory, their tonkotsu ramen is a must-try. Their Hibachi grill menu is also not to be missed. Their chicken teriyaki is a favorite among regulars, and their shrimp tempura is cooked to perfection. The best part? You can order combo meals that come with all the fixings, including miso soup and a side of fried rice.

I can't forget to mention their unique Football Specials, available during football seasons. Imagine a sushi roll stuffed with spicy tuna, crab meat, shrimp tempura, and avocado - it's the perfect game day snack! They also offer poke bowls, perfect for a healthy and fresh meal. Choose from a variety of toppings, and they'll create a delicious bowl just for you!

The cherry on top? Their prices are so reasonable! You won't break the bank to enjoy a fantastic Japanese meal. And did I mention their online ordering system? Skip the middleman and order directly from their website. You'll save money and ensure your order is correct.

In summary, U2 Japan Rensselaer is a hidden gem that you don't want to miss. Delicious Japanese cuisine, unique dishes, and reasonable prices - what more could you ask for? Order online today and taste the difference for yourself!

Address: 600 N GREENBUSH RD,Rensselaer,NY
Phone: 518 326-3528

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